Mamushi Mobile Launches

Welcome to Mamushi Mobile. We are happy to announce that today is our first day of operation.

Launching a physical presence here in Singapore is an important step in getting CopperheadOS to as wide a user base as possible.

Truly secure and private phones have not been as accessible as they should be. Until now, customers in Singapore with these requirements have either had to procure hardware themselves directly and ship devices across continents for software installation or be technically proficient enough to do this themselves and trust volunteers to maintain an OS on their behalf.

Now, with Mamushi Mobile, a presence on the ground exists that can assist with deploying cutting edge Android security all without Google’s apps and services baked into the system. As we are an authorised reseller of CopperheadOS, you get local support backed by a leading technology company.

Whether you are a journalist or a medical professional, a private banker or custodian of cryptocurrency, entrepreneur or a technologist interested in equipping your team with devices that are built with an adversarial mindset, we can support your goal.